Weekend Workout

Core and Legs

Equipment - Medicine Ball/DB or 2 Litre Water Bottles

4 Rounds

45 Seconds on 15 Seconds rest
1 minute rest between rounds


  1. Deadlifts 
  2. Swings (Hinge at the hips and swing weight between legs and up over the head)
  3. Standing Oblique Crunch (Left)
  4. Standing Oblique Crunch (Right)
  5. Hip Thrusts Chest Press (Weight sat on your hips when you bring your hips up push the weight above your head. When you lower down lower the weight to your chest)
  6. Leg Raise (Weight above you head slowly straight legs slowly lift the legs up and controlled down)
  7. Squats (Bring weight to your chest or shoulders and drop down into a squat position and then back up)
  8. Weighted Wall Sits 







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