Workout at Home

We all know that finding time and motivation to workout can sometimes be hard. Dragging yourself out of bed when its pouring with rain and freezing cold is probably not your idea of fun and you'll end up back in you nice warm bed.
Here at the get buzzing HQ we have come up with a fun yet effective workout that you won't even need to leave your house to do! Result!
  1. Pop Squats (jump squat with legs together and then legs apart)
  2. Tricep dips
  3. Alternating jump lunge (with hands above head)
  4. Press up mountain climber (a normal press up and then bring your knee to the side to touch your elbow)
  5. Russian Twists
5 Rounds - 1 minute rest between sets!
Make sure to stay hydrated and grab yourself a getbuzzing bar to refuel after!


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