Banana / Mixed Berry / Date & Seed / Cherry Protein Nut Free Bundle

£9.99 £13.99

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This bundle is a must have for anyone with a busy lifestyle! Our great tasting fruit bundle will give you the great tasting snack you need when you need them most. Packed with real pieces of banana, cherries, berries, dates and seeds, the bundle will not only keep you fuller for longer with their great low GI index, but our Cherry pack is packed with high quality protein too!

Our Nut-Free bars are great to throw into your bag, great to keep in the kitchen cupboard or just great to take with you when you work out to keep you going when you need it the most!

Get our great bundle for only £9.99, that's a saving almost 29%! 

What's included?

  • 3 x Cherry Protein Bar Pack- Informed Sport Approved
  • 3 x Banana Bar Pack
  • 3 x Mixed Berry Bar Pack
  • 3 x Date & Seed Bar Pack

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