Getbuzzing - About Us

"It's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it that makes the difference"

The concept of our bars is simple; its real, honest WHOLESOME food in a bar. Back when I started the company, there were three things missing in the market in any one product; Natural ingredients, Nut Free and 100% taste.

We all want food that’s good for us, but we also want food we can enjoy, and that’s where the confusion lies within the healthy snacking market, it all depends on how you define healthy. We define healthy as happy, balanced and realistic. 

Our bars taste amazing, they are completely natural, approved by the vegetarian society and they are also 100% nut free, which is rare in this industry. 

They offer everyone, including Nut Allergy sufferers, natural long lasting energy as a sustainable snack which actually tastes good. They were made in the hope that people would stop aimlessly snacking on nothingness junk and pick up whole food nutrition in a bar.

And that’s the beauty of getbuzzing products, they can be used by such a wide range of audiences; from toddlers to professional athletes. 

The whole range of getbuzzing bars are suitable for everyone, but we tend to split the products into categories to keep it simple:

  • SPORT - Our High Protein Range
  • NATURAL ENERGY - Our Natural Oat Bar Range


    Why 'getbuzzing'?

    You hear people saying they’re “buzzing” all the time these days, and that’s where the idea came from; getbuzzing is a mentality, an outlook on life, rather than just a product. Being healthy is a feeling of positivity, mind body and soul, being happy with the body you’re in and having a realistic healthy mental attitude towards food.

    Whenever I speak about health and nutrition, I like to think I have a passionate healthy attitude towards the lifestyle I choose to lead, and I just wanted to share that. At the end of the day, only you can choose the lifestyle you lead, so why not be buzzed about it?

    Kate Wallace Brand Owner

    Try one today, you won't be disappointed!


    What is the getbuzzing Nut Safety Promise?
    We go to extraordinary lengths to try and make our getbuzzing bars safe for people with Nut Allergies.” – as well as being Members of the Anaphalxis Society.
    There are no GUARANTEES in life but we at getbuzzing have gone to great lengths implementing stringent procedures to keep nuts OUT of the manufacturing factory.  It is a factory that is ‘nut free’ and we undertake the '9 Nut Testing’ at regular intervals throughout the year.
    So, how should you rank our promise?

    Is it stronger than: "This product may contain nuts?" Absolutely, because we do not run nut products in the factory.
    Is it stronger than a competitors pack having a no nut statement of any kind? Yes, because we go to extraordinary lengths to try and make our getbuzzing bars safe.
    Raw Material Suppliers
    All of getbuzzing are raw material suppliers who are risk assessed for their ability to supply safe ingredients to our factory.
     Does this mean that getbuzzing Nut Promise Products are GUARANTEED NUT FREE?
    What we can guarantee...
    "Our manufacturer and ourselves work at great lengths to ensure that the factory is a ‘nut free zone’ and we at getbuzzing have gone one step further to send each of our getbuzzing bars to labatory to undertake ‘the 9 nut allergy testing’. We take every risk element away to ensure there is no risk.
    Our customers are our prime importance; we retain levels of customer service which we are extremely proud of and renowned for at every level."

    We’re about real food, real taste and real expectations, that’s our promise to you. We're full of natural fruity goodness but there's not a nut in sight and we've zero additives, preservatives and colourings.
    Tease your taste buds today

    What better way to gain the strength and energy to carry you through a hectic morning schedule - loaded in dietary fibre, stabilising blood sugar, lowering bad cholesterol and packed with minerals.
    Real Fruit Pieces

    A perfect kick-start to your immune system with our high antioxidant berry mix, a great potassium boost with our natural banana pieces and some good fats from our sunflower seeds.
    Whey Protein 

    A product that's getting constant attention...but why? Whey Protein is a great recovery supplement to use after training. It also aids weight loss and curb your cravings.

    Honey contains a treasure chest of hidden nutritional benefits. A fantastic natural un-processed energy source that’s used in many ways throughout sport, a great memory booster with its antioxidant effects, a sleep aid and of course a great cough suppressant.