Rachael Burford

Rachel Burford


Having spent 12 years playing at representatives England levels Rachael has become one of the first women in English history to become a full time professional rugby player.  Rachael has been inspired by her Rugby mad family to create a legacy for the Burford Name in the game of rugby, before, during and after the day comes to finally hang up her boots.

Creating TWELVE and the BURFORD ACADEMY has become an important opportunity for Rachael to give back to the game that has given her so much. Inspiring others (especially the next generation) to not only fall in love with a sport she holds so dear but also to learn from her unique insight into teamwork, achievement of success and the value of never giving up on your dreams.


Find out more about Rachel at http://www.burford12.co.uk

Follow Rachel on Twitter @burfacadamy 

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