GetBuzzing - What do our friends say about us?

We love hearing from our friends, we love hearing how much of a difference our innovative products make to their lives... If you love our products as much as we do, please make sure to let us know! Email me at!


Our friend, Alex Shankland said

"I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your awesome range of NUT FREE products. As an athlete and anaphylaxis sufferer,eating healthily & packing in the protein is difficult as soooo many products are risky with my allergy. Love what you are doing and long may it continue!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!X"

Our friend, Lauren Miranda said

"I just wanted to email you to say a massive thank you for creating these delicious nut free bars. I can't tell you how long I have waited for there to be healthy snack/protein bars that I can actually eat because they don't contain nuts. When I saw these in the supermarket this morning I wanted to jump up and down in middle of the aisle. I tried the banana bar and it was delicious. 

Thank you so much for these incredible bars!"


Our friend, Emma Robinson said
"I am writing to tell you how much I adore your products! I am such a fan of your company and I know that your products are always made to the highest standard. I have recommended your products to my family and friends and they love your products just as much as I do.  I thought I would drop you a little Thank You note on this Blue Monday to show a little bit of appreciation and cheer you up! It might seem a little bit silly, but praise and positivity doesn't get used enough!
Thank you once again!"

Our friends, Mike Williams and Lachlan McCaffrey of Leicester Tigers said

"Tasty little snack @ bars, keeping it healthy!! @ @"


Our friend, South African International Superstar and current Worcester Warrior Francois Hougaard said:



Our friend, former Australian international and making recent Tonga appearance,   Cooper Vuna is buzzing and getting involved with new flavour ideas


Our friend, honest blogger and co-owner of Huggle App, Stina Sanders said 

" Is it bad if I eat them all in one sitting? You have to try my friends healthy, nut free bars!"


Our friend, Steve said

"ATTENTION ALL YOU IRON ADDICTS! You have to try @getbuzzing protein bars, the best way to end a heavy iron session! An awesome tasting protein bar, I highly recommend these. Mint Chocolate is my personal favourite!"

Our friend, Sam said

"I had one of get buzzing's natural protein bars after a work out; these bars taste amazing and are awesome for a pre or post workout! Lots of different flavours and no added sugar! Try them out guys"

Our friend, @brainfoglifting said

I am a flapjack addict so i was well pleased to find this amazing snack from @GetBuzzing made from natural ingredients. It is delicious #guiltfreefriday

Our friend, @slimmingworld_spink said

"Theeeee best flapjack bar ever for only 10.5syns from @GetBuzzing. I love flapjack, but they're normally really high in syns and the ones within daily syn limit are teeny tiny!The GetBuzzing bars are quite a size and really dense! YUM!"

 Our friend, Kirsten said

"Thank you for caring for what I need during my workouts. My friend told me that your products were the best ones to get. I also let other people know about your products and that they should use them during their workouts. Thank you and have a wonderful year"

Our friend, Abby said

     "Thank you for making delicious nut free snacks that my allergic son can enjoy! There are so very few sweet snacks he can have. I've shared your product with the two Facebook groups I'm in (nut allergy parents). It also means less home baking for me!"
Our friend, Katie said
"I just wanted to send you HUGE THANKS for making your nut-free protein bars. I’ve had my nut allergy all my life which has been extremely restrictive and it’s very difficult to find nut-free food, especially when you really need them…"
Our friend, Alice said
"They are absolutely delicious - I enjoy them either before or after a work out or even as a mid-afternoon snack at work and this kind of product is very hard to come by!
Thank you!"