Cinnamon Spider Cookies


70g Butter, Softened
100g Brown Sugar
1 Egg
180g Plain Flour
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp Bicarb Soda
4 tbsp Golden Syrup
Sprinkle of Cinnamon


1. Pre heat oven to 180oC and line a baking tray. 
2. Add to a bowl the flour, bicarb and cinnamon and mix together. 
3. Add the butter in small cubes and with your hands rub together the dry ingredients and butter to create a breadcrumb texture. 
4. Mix in the brown sugar, egg, vanilla and golden syrup and mix well until a round dough is formed. 
5. With a rolling pin roll out (not to thin!) and cut out round circles using a cutter. Add these to the baking tray and bake for 10-12mins. 
6. Leave to cool and decorate with malteasers and chocolate to create spiders!









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